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Miley Cyrus-Backed vegan Cannabis Cafe opens in West Hollywood


Starting October 1st, Lowell Farms: A new vegan Cannabis Café will be the first restaurant where cannabis can be consumed while dinning in West Hollywood, CA. This first-of-it’s kind establishment has brought in some of the most iconic stars in Hollywood that includes vegan singer Miley Cyrus, comedians Sarah Silverman and Chris Rock, and music producer Mark Ronson as investors. The new vegan-cannabis eatery will feature a wide selection of edibles infused with cannabis, pre-rolled joint, and vaporizer pens. “We are thrilled to have such talented artists join our investment round, and we welcome them to the Lowell family,” David Elias, Lowell co-founder and CEO, said. “We are grateful to have such strong support from the creative community, and we are all looking forward to the end of cannabis prohibition.” Lowell Farms, which will not mix alcohol with it’s food and cannabis experience, but will offer a table-side joint-rolling service managed by “Flower Hosts” or “budtenders.” If consumers bring their own cannabis there will be a $20 “tok-age” fee, similar to that of a corkage fee. While Lowell Farms is prohibited by the state of California to infuse its food offerings with cannabis, head Chef Andrea Drummer has created a master menu that pairs wonderfully with a cafe’s cannabis offerings, including most importantly vegan options such as their popular nachos topped with cauliflower and cashew-based cheese. Neighbors worry-not, Lowell Farms has installed a state of the art ventilation system that relies on charcoal and air-filtering plants.

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