baskin-robbins vegan ice cream

Baskin-Robbins Vegan Ice Cream


In a world that now offers an abundance of vegan restaurants, dairy-free options are now the norm. No surprise here that there’s an increase demand for vegan ice cream. In terms of statistics more than 60,000 search our recipes each month. If you don’t feel like making it on your own there’s now shops offering dairy-free options, including the biggest one of all, Baskin-Robbins. What time to be a vegan! With plant-based food rising in popularity (sales are up 31% in the past 2 years) their two new flavors added to the menu, Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme. These two flavors are put together with a base of coconut oil and almond butter, yum! According to Baskin-Robbins they’re free of preservatives high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors. The reason why it took them so long to release this new vegan ice cream is because their culinary team was hard at work researching for 2 years.

Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream & Sorbet Flavors Made without Dairy

  • Non-Dairy Chocolate Extreme (made with almond butter and coconut oil)
  • Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (made with almond butter and coconut oil)
  • Horchata Ice (made with coconut cream),Daiquiri Ice
  • Watermelon Splash Ice
  • Citrus Twist Ice
  • Raspberry Sorbe

Baskin-Robbins Slushies Made without Dairy

  • Strawberry Citrus Fruit Blast
  • Wild Mango Fruit Blast

Baskin-Robbins Cones Made without Dairy

  • Sugar Cones*
  • Cake Cones

*These are the old-fashioned style of sugar cones. Their waffle cones contain dairy. All of their cones contain wheat and soy.

Baskin-Robbins Toppings Made without Dairy

This list is incomplete, but we will add dairy-free options as we learn more. Feel free to share your favorite dairy-free Baskin-Robbins toppings when you leave a rating and review of this ice cream chain below!

REESE’S® Peanut Butter Sauce

Chocolate Syrup (not the Hot Fudge)

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