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Looking for great vegan travel destinations country by country, plate by plate? All across the globe hundreds of thousands of dishes are being pushed out regularly serving up the finest delicacies this world has to offer. And perhaps more notably, these dishes are serving up the best in vegan friendly dishes! From fast food to fine dining there are vegan establishments in every corner of the world that consistently top customer ratings list, and dominate any freshness scale. Juicy, ripe fruit, and localized dairy-free pastries are just some of the treats to be ticked off the international bucket list when you travel the world with a menu in mind! So to get you on your way to vegans without borders, check out this list of some of the most vegan friendly cities in the world:

Tel Aviv, Israel

Often lauded as one of the world’s leading cities for sheer number and support of vegans and veganism, Tel Aviv is an herbivorous paradise! Although there is a deep history in the life of veganism, over the past six years there has been something of a big bang that really set the practice into motion. Now, it is more casually known as “The Vegan Capital of the World”, a title that is well earned! Over 400 vegan friendly restaurants and eateries can be found in this city, and over 500 times as many practicing vegans. Not to mention, with such a sunny disposition Tel Aviv is also known for being one of the freshest serving trays in the world, making this a premiere vegan travel destination.

Phuket, Thailand

Veganism with a view! Not only is Phuket known for its stunning beaches and calming waters, but also for its cuisine! And with so much to choose from, it should come as no surprise that the vegan menu is fully stocked. Thailand is one of the premiere stops in any vegan travel bucket list. They even hold annual Vegetarian Festivals (that hold numerous Vegan options) for celebrating the best in living healthy and eating good! Here everything from street food to proper sit down restaurants offer up something for vegans everywhere… and typically at a budget friendly cost as well!

Portland, USA

Not just a stereotype, but a deliverance of promises! Portland, Oregon is one of the biggest hubs for vegan friendly lifestyles in the United States, and moreover, the world! Without even looking you can find a place that at least has vegan friendly options, never mind the abundance of entirely vegan shops and restaurants. Here you can go from vegan burgers to vegan sushi all the way vegan donuts and not have to leave the street. Although here, you might want to! With such a vibrant culture, there is a constant stream of new trends popping up all around town and new vegan places to try on a near daily basis! Portland is one city no travel vegan is going to want to miss.

London, England

Although it is already a prominent establishment in London, veganism is on a steady rise in all corners of the city. London is a place known for attracting tourists and locals alike, and with such rich diversity of visitors comes a truly diverse menu as well. In London you can experience the joys of vegan British pizza all the way to vegan coffee shops and the ratings all come back as superb. Over the course of a few years, the number of vegans in the city has doubled, and continued to rise ever since! And with this rush of demand, comes the supply in the form of some truly remarkable new age establishments, ripe for the tasting! London is even the proud home to a number of vegan friendly pubs and bars making this the perfect place to go out for a night of good fun and good food!

Berlin, Germany

Food as eccentric as the city! While ‘Berlin’ may not be the first name that comes to mind when planning veganism around the world, it is quickly making a name for itself in the industry. Berlin is a bustling city with a vibrant, lively youth grouping that is steadily pumping life into the vegan movement. Even some of their staple mark foods such as the Dönner have their delicious vegan counterparts (Vönner), and these shops can be found all over the town for a quick bite! Germany is also known for its devotion to all things fresh, whether that be bread or produce. This makes any vegan dish pop with that delicious burst of flavor you can’t get from any packaging. Berlin is one of the global hotspots for travel vegans everywhere.

New York City, USA

When they say you can get everything in New York, they mean everything! While the first image that may come to mind is greasy street side hotdogs and blinding city lights, New York is really a sum of a lot of smaller parts. Here you can find full neighborhoods of vegan friendly cuisine and other tasty options for alternative eating. New York City is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking for that perfect independent food stand, or bustling fresh markets. Not everything about New York is industrialized, and in some parts it actually embraces a new wave mindset on the fast track to eating right. Along with near daily open air markets, New York is another big city that embraces the world of fresh foods on most vegan plates. Try one of the many restaurants in the city, or visit one of their famous weekend markets to become a fresh chef yourself!

Paris, France

As a city known for having some of the best cuisine in the world, it should be no surprise Paris is leading the lists of travel vegan cities. Along with croissants and dairy-free pastries, there are also a number of city renowned vegan restaurants to be found in Paris. Paris is the place to go if you want to have dreams of your food months after your return date. It is also the best place to pick up a cooking lesson or two so that you might bring some of the deliciousness back with you! Whatever you choose in the city of love, you’re sure to find romance on a shiny silver platter in Paris! Bon appetite!

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