Mcdonald’s Vegan Nuggets


McDonald’s has finally launched their infamous chicken nuggets to the vegan market. The meat-free Mcdonald’s vegan nuggets are now available at it’s Norway locations. The vegan nuggets are loaded with chickpeas, cauliflower, corn, carrots, onion, and potatoes, and are have the same crunchy outside layer. It’s no surprise Norway is the country to first launch this vegan food movement as Norway usually leads the way in health and education areas. The vegan nuggets aren’t the only vegan food product to launch in the Nordic regions. Not to mention in it’s Norway restaurants, the second biggest fast food chain the world after subway, launched a Vegetarian McFeast burger. The vegan food burger is made up of a breaded-bean-based patty, McFeast sauce, dairy cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion. The burger becomes a vegan food product when ordered with no cheese. The new menu brings a new target audience of fast foods buyers, but will this trend pick up? In 2017, the McVegan burger arrived in Sweden and Finland, where it sold 150,000 times in one single month. The McVegan burger patty was created by Nordic food group Orkla and Orkla’s CEO Peter Ruzicka named partnership with McDonald’s “very successful.”, “People want to eat more plant-based food, partly because of health reasons, but also because of environmental reasons,” he said in a statement. “[The McVegan has] less climate impact than a regular burger made of meat… And this has received a lot of attention worldwide. This trend, of course, is not only in the Nordics.” Last year, Mcdonald’s Finland location launched a second vegan burger patty across its 65 locations, called the El Veggo. The vegan food patty consists of soybean steak, spicy salsa sauce, and vegan McFeast sauce. 

Sweden Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald's McFalafel offered in Sweden

In January, Sweden locations of the fast food giant became home to the McFalafel, a vegan food product Happy Meal option that includes falafels made with chickpeas, parsley, garlic, and cumin and a vegan pepper dip.

UK Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s UK is also getting friendly with the vegan food market, launching a plant-based meal option of it’s own. The UK’s version features veggie split pea-based goujons with dairy-free red pesto sauce. The move came after reports showed that around one in three Mcdonald’s consumer would like more vegan food options.

US Mcdonald’s

Mcdonald's vegan McAloo Tikki

In the U.S. the fast food chain released on a vegan McAloo Tikki at its global headquarters restaurant in Chicago. The sandwhich, which is also being sold at McDonald’s India locations, come with a samosa-spiced veggie patty made from potatoes and peas, as well as egg-free tomato mayonnaise.

It shouldn’t be too long before the US launches the new vegan nuggets as this is an extremely popular food choice at their US locations.

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