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Veganism is not all about a diet, you can now have vegan period pants. Wondering what does it mean? To know about it, continue reading this post

With the passage of time, more and more people are becoming vegan, especially women because of various reasons. So, what does vegan exactly means? The obvious answer you will get is not consuming food derived from an animal source – no fish or meat, no eggs, no dairy products or other animal-based products. Happily, vegan lifestyle has remarkably minimized carbon footprint as compared to those of proletarians and vegetarians.

Not Just Vegan Foods

However, being vegan does not mean to avoid only food originated from the animal source, but it means to avoid clothes or beauty products derived from animal source.  There’s a lot of non-food items include ingredients derived from animal source. Plus, it is not always quite clear that what you are buying. In the case of non-food items, vegans have to depend on clear labels and authorizations from trustworthy companies to tell them which products are cruelty-free. Sadly, feminine products are tested on animals; especially products include pads and tampons.

In addition to it, when it comes to managing periods, most of the women depend on two famous options, which are inserting a tampon or lining their underwear with a pad. Regular tampons are not just harmful to animals, but they are also harmful to women and the environment. 

Things You Need to Know About Tampons

1. Harmful to Animals

Generally, tampons are blanched with a chemical i.e. chlorine and it is tested on animals. To test the TSS toxin in order to measure the reaction to lethal shock, rabbits are harmed during the process.  And the main aim of becoming vegan is to stand against those who hurt the animals to make products. So, if you don’t want to hurt animals, then you should switch to other vegan period pants that are cruelty-free. 

2. Harmful to Environment 

Averagely, a person with period disposes of 250 to 300 pounds of menstruation products. Sadly, this count compromises of almost 16,800 tampons that are frequently seen on beaches or in landfills.  Without any doubt, tampons disposal can have a great impact on the environment that you can’t even imagine. Moreover, many studies highlight that 45+ billion period products, which include tampons and pads are found on the planet every year.  Sadly, pads are made of 90% of non-recyclable materials. It means that one pad you use is equal to the 4 plastic bags. 

3. Harmful to Women:

Chlorine used in the tampons is used to disinfect and whiten raw materials. However, the chemical leaves behind the residues i.e. dioxins and they are carcinogens that are cancer-causing agents. Mainly, the chlorine presence leads to the risk of cervical cancer, breast cancer, endometriosis and many more. In fact, the chemical is also a result of the abnormal growth of tissue.

Moreover, tampons also contain other harsh chemicals apart from chlorine, such as pesticides that are extremely harmful to the health and skin of the women. 

As tampons are inserted into the vagina, and that’s why sometimes, it can also cause vaginal irritation. Generally, a woman who uses tampon does not change it frequently. In this way, tampons remain in direct contact with the women skin for a very long duration. This can leads to irritation, burning sensation, and rashes. Worse, it can cause vaginal infection for the long-term. 

Undoubtedly, tampon period products are not only good for animals and the environment, but also for women. Now, wondering where to find vegan period pants? Then, the answer is Modibodi. 

What is Modibodi?

vegan period pants

Modibodi is a place where you can find vegan period products. In fact, they make leak-proof and period underwear for vegan women. Till now, they have launched a wide range of vegan period products that you can now consider. Their underwear is completely animal-free that uses cotton and bamboo to provide the same advantages as its original version. Their cruelty-free underwear can help you to feel safe, sustainable and sassy all day. Read more about Modibodi.

In order to create environmentally friendly products, they consulted up to hundred of textile engineers and also, fiber companies all over the globe, which include Australia and the USA. Till now, they have conducted almost 1,000 scientific tests. Plus, Modibodi relies on top-notch and tech-savvy fabrics and their final products contain “super slim” stain resistant lining for periods, along with Air Technology and odor-fighting properties. 

The Modibodi vegan period pants will always keep your dry, comfortable and clean all night and day, providing support and protection you actually need.The best thing about these period products is that they also help you to keep your clothes free from marks or strains. 

How Modibodi Vegan Period Pants Work?

It is truly super-slim as it 3 mm thick. Their Modifier Technology can grasp up to 20 ml or in other words, two tampons worth. With their products, you will surely feel comfortable and clean always. There are three layers which serve a different purpose:

1. Top Layer:  It fights bacteria, moisture, and odor so that you can feel fresh and dry always.

2. Middle Layer: the main purpose of the middle layer is to absorb fluid. 

3. Bottom Layer: It is for additional waterproof protection so that you can feel sassy and comfortable all day and night. 

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Furthermore, their period product, underwear is easy to care. All you need to do is to rinse the underwear in cold water after you use it. If you are a woman who respects her inside body genuinely, then it is the right time for you to switch to cruelty-free vegan period pants. At Modibodi, there are different types of vegan period product you can check out yourself by visiting its official website. 

So, thanks to innovative companies like Modibodi to provide environmentally-friendly period products. Happily, the number of companies to develop vegan period pants is increasing day by day. You can now have a period without harming animal, planet and yourself too.

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