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Emmanuelle Rienda, who is published French fashion stylist, and public relations guru & animal rights activist is now adding VFW in addition to the LFW, NYFW, PFW, MFW, and many more. She has strong background in art and marketing and she launched her fashion showroom in Los Angeles in 2013. Now, she is going to organize the Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles for the first time on Feb 1. 

in addition to the LFW, NYFW, PFW, MFW, and many more. She has strong background in art and marketing and she launched her fashion showroom in Los Angeles in 2013. Now, she is going to organize the Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles for the first time on Feb 1.

Being vegan is all about living a lifestyle that doesn’t cause any harm to animals. Vegans avoid foods that come from the source of animals, such as fish, meat, honey, and dairy eggs. They eat plant food, fruits, vegetables, and many more. Also, begin a vegan does not mean only to avoid food coming from an animal, but also to avoid to wear clothes made of animal skin, feathers, or hair. 

So, let’s understand first about Vegan Clothes.

What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing is any cloth that is made without use of animal products. Thus, vegan clothing or vegan fashion means to buy and wear nothing that was made from the source of the animal. Here is the list of things you should avoid if you want to buy vegan clothes:

  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Silk
  • Bone
  • Horn
  • Feathers
  • Shell
  • Down
  • Shahtoosh
  • Angora
  • Cashmere
  • Suede
  • Mohair
  • Pashmina

Be Aware and Careful

When you are going to buy vegan clothes, be aware and careful as many sellers claims, but in reality, they are not able to offer what claims. So, check clothing’s labels carefully before you purchase. 

Emmanuelle Rienda main goal of Vegan Fashion Week is “very inclusive and open”. She said that it is not about being vegan or not. It is all about what you are doing right now and how we all can improve ourselves better together. 

By her VFW, she all wants to create the atmosphere to shows that how being vegan today is not only about animals, but it is all about being kind to all living beings on the earth or planet. In past, she also has a showroom that offers clothes made from the animal source, but now she closed her showroom and started to work as a stylist that focus on the only animal-friendly clothing or garments. She has also done styling kids from Disney as kids also want to wear animal-free fashion. She was very amazed to see these new generation kids showing the concern for animals. Thus, it is not a matter of style anymore, but it is matter of choice that can make you different from others. With launching VFW, she wants to create vegan world where everything will be animal-free, which includes vegan clothes, food, beauty, and fashion.

Why Go for Vegan Fashion?

vegan fashion week los angeles

As animals are also sentient beings and so, they too have feelings just like we human beings have. Thus, animals have full right to live freely as we live with our own choices. And veganism is all about protecting living beings of planet i.e. animals and that’s why people who are vegan do not buy clothes made from products that use animals.

According to the PETA, animals products utilized in the clothing manufacture are not just byproducts. In many factories, animals are slaughtered every year before they died naturally only because of making clothes. You might get surprised to hear that even humanely raised animals are also slaughtered. Thus, it is really harsh thing we are doing to animals. 

If you want to protect animals, then going for vegan clothes is all you can do. Vegan fashion is now booming and becoming a trend. Now, fashion and veganism are going hand in hand. In today’s world, more and more fashion brands in Los Angeles also focus on targeting making clothes without animal products, but fashion is not compromised at all.

No doubt, Vegan Fashion Week is coming in Los Angeles. However, no matter where you are, you can change the world as it is up to you whether you want to or not. One can get some inspiration from the Emmanuelle Rienda enthusiasm. Being vegan, she does not mean that she avoids fur and leather, but she also avoids all animal products, such as alpaca, silk, and wool.

Where you can find vegan clothing?

Fortunately, shopping or buying for vegan clothing now is not a difficult task as we also told earlier that many fashion brands are not focusing on the clothing without animal product. If you truly want to buy vegan clothes, then just seek natural and plant-based fabrics such as linen, hemp, and cotton. And Synthetics are also a good alternative to animal’s products like silk, wool, and leather. Now, a lot of fashion brands offer vegan clothes, accessories and shoes and all you have to keep an eye on the clothing label when you are going shopping. 

If you are looking for vegan fashion in Los Angeles, then there are many showrooms from where you can buy such as Vegan Scene. You can also consider Emmanuelle Rienda showrooms where you can find the great alternatives to the animal products. Thus, you don’t have to panic about whether you look fashionable or not if you go for vegan as being vegan does not mean out of fashion. 

Those who want to adopt the vegan world, they first need to understand or you need to educate yourself about what is vegan and also, what it is not. You must understand the thing deeply if you want to know the value. And the vegan fashion future is truly positive and so, become the part of this future and say hello to eco-friendly materials. 

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