Best Vegan Meat Substitutes


More and more people are turning into Vegetarians because the havoc caused on animals. Well, most family traditions run around food, that’s why it becomes hard for people to avoid meat in their diet. But people have come up with amazing meat substitute for vegans popularly called vegan meat. Only because of this substitute, the people can enjoy the feel and taste of meat, without the negative effects .

Well, the best vegan meat food that is getting very popular nowadays is the Vegan Burger. The meat substitutes are available for every kind of animal meat including bacon, beef, pork, etc. The newest substitute is launched by Impossible Foods as Impossible Burger which can even lure the pure vegetarians.

You must be wondering what kind of feel the Vegan meat has and how it is made. Don’t worry guys; it doesn’t contain any animal product. The vegan meat substitutes are basically made from the protein and other nutrients extracted from the veggies. So, if you want to know how you can get the feel of meat in your food by still keeping it vegan, then here are some amazing ideas. Some vegan moods can make you forget what you are eating as they have the same texture and look of the non-veg diets. So try out these foods and see for yourself how easy it is to find a substitute for every food item.

  1. Tofu:

Yes, Tofu!! Whatever it is that you crave, Tofu can be an alternative for all kinds of meat including pork, chicken, seafood, or beef. You can add this substitute in any of your recipes and feel like you are eating meat. The soft, spongy, tasteless, and bland reputation of tofu can be made false by putting some extra efforts in it. Buy extra-firm tofu and freeze it. Then press it and repeat the procedure until you get the firmness that you want. By simple steps, tofu can be made as chewy as meat. And afterward, you can cook it, make a Vegan Burger, tofu nuggets, pot pie, tofu “shrimp” scampi, grilled tofu, or any other thing that you want to eat.

  1. Tempeh:

If you don’t know what tempeh is then you can find it out here.  Tempeh is an Indonesian dish made by deep-frying the fermented soya-beans. It is firmer as compared to Tofu and has a grainy texture.  The best thing about it is the nutty flavor. The dish is not only packed with proteins but also contains vitamins, calcium, and fiber. You can simply slice, dice and grind this vegan meat substitute in a processor. Then steam it until they give the texture of emulated fish. You can replace fish in every fish based food item and still enjoy the taste. Try making Tempeh “Fish” Chips, Tempeh “Tuna” Salad, Vegan Tempeh Gyros, Tempeh “Crab” Cakes, and much more.

  1. Seitan:

When it comes to meat and how someone forgets to mention Beef or Pork. Well, the perfect alternative food for chicken, pork and beef are Seitan. If you don’t have any issue with eating gluten, then you can surely turn to Seitan for your vegan meat. It is processed with wheat gluten and acts as a rich source of protein. Seitan has a chewy and dense texture that can withstand grilling, frying, or anything else you want to try. Luckily, you can buy it from the store, but it is not hard to prepare it at home. With this food item, you can make Seitan Steak, Seitan Pot Roast, Seitan Kebabs, Vegan Italian Sausage, Seitan Portobello Stew, etc.

  1. Textured Vegetable Protein:

If you want to try an inexpensive ingredient, then TVP is perfect. As it is dehydrated soy, you will need to rehydrate it first. Normally, TVP comes into chunks or granules. With the help of this amazing vegan meat substitute, you can easily make your dinner table more intimidating. Try making beef dishes, cutlets, vegan burgers, and meatloaves with it. You can also think of making something more non-veggie like Irish Lamb Stew, Chik’n Salad, Tacos Sin Carne, or Mini BBQ Soy Curl Taco. All of these dishes are mouth-watering and fulfill your desire to taste meat again.

  1. Gluten Free Vegan Meat:

Some people are so hardcore-vegan that they even avoid Gluten. Usually, people turn to Seitan for meat, but there are some alternates for that too. To alter the recipes a little bit, you will need to use several different kinds of flours and proteins. Only then you will be able to make the vegan meat. You must have heard about the V-Meat, V-Chicken, V-Turkey, and V-Sausage. All of them are gluten free Seitan version of meat. This meat will have a texture similar to beef and the flavor can be added according to your requirements. You can easily make Chicken or Turkey cutlets, sandwiches, and other dishes too.

  1. Jackfruit:

Who would have thought that fruit can be transformed into some kind of vegan meat? Jackfruit is a tropical fruit and has a texture and mild taste just like meat. It can also be made chewy like meat by roasting it. The fruit is almost like a plain canvas, so you can add any flavor you want to and spice it up. Then try making Indian, Mexican, or Chinese dishes with it and it will give you the feeling of Pork. The best dish that can be made from this fruit is Cheesesteak. But there are other recipes too.

You can think of using your favorite veggies as a meat substitute and make your food more enjoyable. Whether it is the vegan Burger, Pork, Chicken dish, or any other food, all can be made from vegan items. You can also consider using Mushrooms, Lentils, Beans and Legumes, Eggplant, cauliflower, potatoes, coconut, beets, and other items to transform your dishes. No matter that you have turned into a vegan for the sake of environment or for personal reason, there are always some easy ways you can still enjoy meat.

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