Merry Vegan Christmas


Yes, you heard right! Vegan Christmas!!

There was a time when Turkey used to be the ideal Christmas food, but the time has changed. Vegan dishes are replacing the traditional turkey feast all over the world. Christmas used to be a time when people cared deeply about their traditions. Well, those traditions are somehow changing already. Many people think lying down at the dinner table on Christmas Eve, you will found a big sized turkey, gravy, and pigs. But now, the plates are being filled with Vegan recipes too.

There are a lot of people who would say that Christmas won’t be the same without Turkey, but it causes no harm to add little more taste and health in your plates this year. So, if you are newly turned vegan and want to cook delicious meals this Christmas, then these vegan party food are worth a try.

Even the meat lovers won’t be able to resist these delicious meals.

Celeriac, Hazelnut, and Truffle Soup:

This soup will serve as a perfect starter for your vegan Christmas. You can rustle up the celeriac and hazelnut and add a little amount of truffle oil and leave it be to serve as a supper for the party.

Vegan Smoked Salmon Toast:

What else would be a better snack for the party other than the salmon toast? You can infuse the toast with brined carrots and lapsang souchong tea. Just add the vegan cream cheese and dried seaweed and serve the toasts as a healthy and tasty snack for the Christmas dinner.

Christmas Wreath:

The Christmas Wreath is one of the most popular and an essential item for vegans as it has Cranberries as its main ingredient. You can make a vegan pastry wreath and fill it up with combinations like spinach and pine nuts and tofu. It will be like the special pastry parcel for you in this festive season.

Beetroot & Red Onion Tarte:

With this tarte, you will be able to add color to your vegan Christmas. It is a very easy recipe to cook and your guests will love it. Beetroot will add up a matching taste like Wine into the meal. You can also add some cheese in the tarte just like putting a cherry on the top of the cake.

Roasted Stuffed Cauliflower:

For Christmas, you will never ever feel like that there is a lack of options. If you want to try an alternative to the traditional roasted nuts recipe, then try the stuffed cauliflower as the main course. Use rosemary, chestnut, nutmeg caulis and pack the dish up with classic seasonal flavors. Crisp the items under the grill until it is golden brown and serve it hot.

Beetroot & Squash Wellingtons with Kale Pesto:

Another beetroot recipe that you can try! This recipe will help you to stay ahead of your dinner schedule and save you from a lot of stress. You can use butternut to boast the taste of the dish. The squash and stuffed Wellingtons will surely prove as an amazing vegan party food this Christmas.

Vegan Rainbow Pie:

There is no limit on being creative with the colors available in vegan food items. You can use sweet potato, beetroot, celeriac, chard or any other colorful veggies to add a pop of colors into your dishes. This hefty vegan party food can be served with Vegan eggnog and it will be enough for a lot of people.

Parsnip Gnocchi:

Don’t get confused with the name. The name is Italian and it is a very delicious food item to add up to your vegan Christmas food list. It is a classic dish that you can cover with parsnips to make it crispier.  This dish looks like little dumplings that would add up health and taste to your plate.

Chestnut and Mushroom Rotolo:

Chestnut and sage are used to add the festive flavor to the dishes. The Mushroom Rotolo placed like a honeycomb would catch the guest’s eye. They will love the rolled up lasagna sheets with mushroom fillings and it will look fabulous on your dining table.

Butternut, Chestnut & Lentil Cake:

When it is the festival time, you can make an interesting centerpiece for the table. The chestnuts are like the most featured food item in the dishes and that’s why it is important to add a little amount of chestnut in this dish too in your vegan party food. Prepare this dish with butternut squash and lentil base. Although it is named as a cake it is surely not a sweet dish. You can also consider adding roasted potatoes and cranberry sauce in the cake.

Stuffed Pumpkin:

If you love being creative, then the stuffed pumpkin can be the center of attraction for all diners this vegan Christmas. It’s a good thing that pumpkin is not meant for just Halloween. You can carve out the Pumpkin and fill it up with rice, your favorite spices and other food items such as fennel, apple and pecan nuts, etc. At last, you can sprinkle pomegranate seeds like cherries and it will burst the color of Christmas.  You can serve this dish with thyme roasted vegetables or with paprika-spiced potatoes.

Vegan Christmas pudding:

How can you forget to make a sweet dish in the festive season? It is not just the candies and chocolates, you can make puddings too. Mix dried figs, sultanas, and a lot of rum to warm up your guests. Add other things like peeled, cored or grated apples, breadcrumbs, and dry fruits if you want to and serve it hot with ice cream.

Vegan Ginger Bread Cookies:

When it is time for vegan Christmas, how can someone forget cookies?  Make a batter with coconut oil, chia and use chickpea water in the icing. This will make the Christmas Gingerbread cookies entirely vegan and tasty. Add cinnamon, maple syrup, lemon juice to make the taste exquisite and you will love this vegan party food this Christmas.

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