Los Angeles Dodgers donate 100 vegan turkeys for Thanksgiving


For the past decade, the Los Angeles Dodgers have been hosts to a Community Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway for local families that need help. For the first time ever, the event will provide 100 vegan Thanksgiving roasts, donated by vegan food plant-based company Tofurky. The Turkeys, which has all vegan food products in it have been filled up with wild rice stuffing and will be collected by employees from the Dodgers organization at the Bob Barker building. Global animal rights organization PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals worked with the Dodgers to make the even vegan food friendly.

The number of vegans nationwide has skyrockets over the past few years as more people are becoming more interested in vegan food and plant-based products. Stats show people moving towards vegan food soared by 600 percent in just 36 months, mainly because more vegan food options have become easily available. There’s many reasons aside from the health factors of the product like animal rights and the impact meat has on the environment. Tofurky vegan food roast has no saturated animal fat and cholesterol, however this amazing easy vegan recipe has amazing flavor along with an excellent source of protein and fiber. The popularity of Tofurky‚Äôs vegan food dish is growing right along with other plant-based foods. Jaime Athos, current president and CEO said the increased demand for plant-based vegan food options is really starting to impact the meat industry. Several of the top poultry brands have reported a decline in sales just weeks before Thanksgiving. The 90,000 pound turkey meat recall probably didn’t help. Just the opposite report came from Tofurky announcing in August that they’re set to sell it’s 5 millionth Tofurky vegan food holiday roast.

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