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A Vegan Travel Destination-Tour of Los Angeles




The Griffith Observatory has arguably one of the best views to see the entire Los Angeles skyline along with the Hollywood sign. There’s free parking and it’s open to the public 24/7. People by the hundreds come here daily to hike and explore the grounds. It’s nestled on the side of a mountain viewing the city. For the best views go early in the morning before the smog begins to settle in. My favorite months in LA are Oct and Nov as it’s the clearest sky’s and tourism is low. As soon as you begin to drive up the winding roads, tunes up and feel the warm sun you’ll begin to go right into vacation mode. The lawn in the front is an amazing place for views and a picnic(yes food is allowed on the property). This is a dog friendly area as well so bring the family dog along for the ride! Since the observatory sits in the mountains a bit there’s no foods places when you get to the top, however before you start your drive you might want to check out this Los Angeles vegan spot called Green Leaves Vegan. My recommendation would be the pumpkin entree with veggies, cashews and some added tofu! They’ll have everything you need to get you going for a great day in the sun. This should be at the top of your vegan travel destinations list for sure!


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