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Vegan Travel Destinations- Australia


“G’day mate! A commonly used phrase from our friendly from the land down under. Now if they followed that phrase up with “Ya going veggo, hey?” You’ll know right away you’ve found a good friend while on one of your vegan travel destinations. Going vegan in Australia is one of our more easier vegan challenges as this beautiful country offers an array of vegan restaurants. Lets take a closer look at some awesome vegan restaurants.

Going vegan in Australia’s top vegan travel destinations mean 98% of the population resides on the coast. Jumping from city to city in Australia can be extremely easy and cost effective is planned before your trip begins. Aussies are notorious for being pleasant and friendly people who love the outdoors while living a very healthy lifestyle. Because of all this great friendliness many restaurants are welcoming vegan foods into their cuisine when they can. However, locating vegan restaurants can sometimes be difficult. Below are some major cities and top vegan travel destinations that are great places to dine.

1. Adelaide

The sleepy hills of Adelaide in South Australia are home to some of the top wine tasting and finest living the country has to off. It’s also known for its awesome vegan restaurants.

Ayla’s Cafe

Alice Springs

Located directly in the heart of the outback, Alice Springs is a bit further from the abundance of cities on the coast. The infamous home to beautiful hiking trials and dry-river boating also offers an array of vegan restaurants. The below eateries are reasons why Alice Springs should most definitely be on your vegan travel destination list.

Give these a try: Page 27 Café and Tea Shrine.


Know as the tropical fruit capital of the world! Deep in the Far North Queensland, Cairns is home to endless tropical fruits and gardens at every corner you turn. There’s so much tropical fruit you’re more than likely to come across a fruit and veggie vendor along the side of the road. This is a haven for fruit lovers and vegan restaurants who’s supply is endless. If you’re willing to make a little drive this is a great place to add to your vegan travel destination list.

Give these a trySnoogies Health BarWaffle On, and Tamarind.


Standing as the capital city of Australia, Canberra has an astonishing 70 vegan restaurants for its 400,000 population. I must note that you’ll need to most likely build your own dish as 100% dedicated vegan restaurants someone scarce.

Give these a tryBlu GingerSweet Bones, and Kingsland.


A short drive into the suburban tropics of southeast Queensland is home to an abundance of vegan restaurants for you to visit.

Add these below hot spots to your vegan travel destinations.

Give these a tryVege RamaThe Green Edge, and Sun & Earth Organics.

It’s also great to know that markets pop up each and every week in Brisbane. If you’re up for it over a weekend  take a visit to the New Farm, Milton and West End Markets for all the local fruits and veggies. If there’s a chance you’ll be there during the week stop by the City Markets for some vegan food in the area.

Bookmark this page or add it to your vegan travel destinations list, visit this page on the city’s official website.


Heading to the Northern Territory of the country hosts some of the most delicious vegan restaurants, including a plantbased foot truck!

Give these a tryEat at Martin’sSimply Foods, and the Buda Bar food truck.

Gold Coast

As soon as your enter the Gold Coast be prepared to soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh sea salt air. This awesome beach town has your meals covered.

Try these vegan restaurants if you can.

Give these a tryGreenhouse CanteenCardamom Pod, and Bootleg Juice Bar.


Nestled on the south coast of Tasmania is home to the capital city Hobart. Known for it rugged mountains and rough ocean it also is a bit difficult to find an only vegan restaurant, there’s definitely a plentiful amount of plantbased cousine.

You’re going to love these below vegan restaurants

Give these a tryVeg BarHeartfood Café, and Our Little Vegan Kitchen (vegan food van)


Oh Melbourne, definitely the coolest of them all. This city has much to offer from it’s outstanding art walks to it’s free spirit graffitied buildings. Sidewalk musicians work on their craft while the city is home to some of the best vegan restaurants in the world.

Give these a trySmith & DeliMatcha Mylkbar, and Trippy Taco.


Perth has no shortage of vegan restaurants throughout the streets, including a handful with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean.

Give these a tryLoving HutSomething Raw Café, and C Restaurant.

Find your vegan travel destination list of restaurants on the Vegan Perth directory.


What could be the most well known city, Sydney. Full of bright lights, tourist attraction with mouth watering vegan restaurants this should be your first stop.

If you’re looking for big city lights, Sydney’s vegan restaurants range from healthy juice bars to sleek, award-winning vegan Chinese restaurants.

Give these a tryBodhiMother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen, and Soul Burger.

Trying these wonderful restaurants is great, but what if you want to cook at home?

You’ll find all the ingredients necessary for a complete vegan meal plan at your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket. If you’re going the organic route, try visiting Fundies or Wray Organics for more options.

Favourite food cooperatives

Apples farm cooperative - being vegan in Australia

When you get your meals at a food cooperative it’s a good way to support local farmers and to get great quality of foods.

Australia has some of the top cooperative organizations around, where the community is greatly involved with distributing local and fresh quality food.

It’s the best alternative to a regular grocery store and many are operated by volunteers. You’ll be supporting the local community while maintaining your vegan lifestyle.

You can even buy in bulk, and some co-ops have online stores as well. Just think how great it’d be to walk away with 15kg of bananas lol!

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