Top Vegan Travel Destinations


I bet your friends tell you all the time.

“You need to go to Spain!” And yes I am here to confirm that your friends are correct.

Spain have been put on the list of our top vegan travel destinations. However, you must know that the folks from Spain think of tuna as a vegetable.

But that shouldn’t stop you considering Spain as one of your vegan travel places. Spain is a very vegan-friendly place that you can feel comfort in finding your favorite food options. For the most part the restaurants will accommodate your requests, even if they don’t understand why you wouldn’t want pig flesh in your salad, floating in your soap, or skewered up with your veggies.

Aside from vegan being new to the country it still remains on our list of top travel destinations across the globe. The amount of vegan vegan products available might be scarce depending on what region of the country you’re visiting, but rest a sure you won’t have any issues locating them in the two major cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

If you’re looking for vegan travel places outside the major cities it is still possible, you’ll just need to dig a little deeper to find them. In Barcelona you can stop by and order a vegan croissant at Crusto, or even a vegan brownie at Lujurua Vegana’s Bakery…..

It’s definitely accurate that true traditional Spanish food focuses a great deal on the meats, especially ham. With that said, there’s a handful of Spanish dishes that are just as traditional as chorizo, but 10% vegan! Amongst your vegan travel places you’ll also need to stop by the local markets where you can find an abundance of fruits and vegetables, along with amazing culture.


The following are just a few of the no meat dishes Spain has to offer which is why they have put at the top of our vegan travel places. We broke them down in different categories for your reading


You’ll see great dishes from parrillada de verduras and everyone favorite, the famous churros. While speaking to vegans who live in Spain explain lunch can be made of a combination of

soups and salads that come together to create great flavors.

This is the great part about tapas culture and you’ll see a ton of locals doing the same. Continue reading to see the great goods Spain

has to offer that has earned then one of the top vegan travel destinations.

Vegan Dishes


Spanish name Description
pan con tomate (a.k.a tostada con tomate) Bread rubbed with puréed ripe tomato, olive oil, and salt or garlic
coca de vidre con tomate similar to pan con tomate, but served on a thinner flatbread
tostada con mermelada


toasted baguette spread with jam

long sticks of fried dough sprinkled with sugar​

Soups and Stews

Spanish name Description
gazpacho a cold, raw soup made of blended tomatoes and other vegetables
gazpacho de espárragos a variation of gazpacho made with asparagus instead of tomato
salmorejo a cold soup similar to gazpacho, but creamier as it’s made with stale bread and olive oil
crema de verduras a thick and hearty soup made from a variety of vegetables blended together
ajo blanco (a.k.a gazpacho blanco) a cold soup made with garlic, stale bread and almonds
sopa de tomate this one is a hot (cooked) tomato soup



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