Vegan In San Francisco


Vegan in San Francisco

Why would San Francisco not be anyone’s favorite city? A beautiful city surrounded by beautiful walls. Everything around here is beautiful. Even when I close my eyes,  the light of the beautiful San Francisco finds its way through. A beautiful city that I can help but get attached to. My favorite city! The awesome blue skies make me want to linger in the street. Looking around at the captivating view of the city strikes a cord of happiness within me. A great city where my vegan journey started and mature. You can always trust San Francisco for amazing vegan travel foods. The city is filled with many motivations and encouragement. San Francisco is one of the great vegan travel destinations.

Painted Ladies – Victorian Houses

The Mission District

“The mission,” home of the Latinos is a place to live. I love this part of San Francisco because there’s a lot you can see and do on the street of Mission. I love to take a peep into the warmer and sunnier weather of Mission. With it now being San Francisco hipster’s generation, with all the music shops, boutiques, stores, and farmers stores everywhere.

The colorful late night in Mission is a sight to behold. Burrito at it’s best from late night taquerias. Everything lined on this street is worth anyone’s obsession. With different ethnic groups and different lifestyles, no place can be more captivating. Different lifestyle, different walks of life, all in Mission. You can easily get your hungry stomach filled with the amazing vegan travel here. Vegetables come very easy for me. Mission is one of the great vegan travel destinations that can really help whatever your “mission” is. A place where you see a wrong thing appearing right at the same time. To enjoy the uniqueness of Mission,  check Airbnb for lodging.

Papalote vegan burrito in Mission

Day one – Friday at Haight Ashbury

Starting out from the corner of Haight and Ashbury with its tie-dye roots. Haight and Ashbury, the birthplace of American counterculture. Summer love lives on throughout this beautiful part of San Francisco. The corner of Haight & Ashbury streets still maintains its tie-dyed roots; books, vintage clothing, and records.  Every time I walk down,  I never forget about 1967, the summer era, how people from every part of America flocked Haight and Ashbury. The tie-dye root, the book record store, the vintage clothing give the street a kind of stunning contrast. Can anywhere else be more welcoming along with being one of the top vegan travel destinations? The dance parties and the live festival captures the heart.

For the album you are dying to listen to again, an awesome place like Amoeba will be a good help. “Love on Haight” remains the place for your custom tie-dyed rompers and sweatshirt. For the time of cravings, Gus’s Market at Airbnb is the best stop for amazing vegan travel food. You should try their locally made snacks. So many amusing things you will find on the street from the bustle of kids with dogs to the wide market exchange. You should try burger creations for a large and colorful burger. You’d definitely enjoy the cheesy rice patty burger stuffed with cabbage and kale. You can also order for their French fries seasoned with seaweed. It tastes Heavenly! One of the places you should also try is Veganburg. They make amazing patties.

Gus’s Market on Haight

Day two – Find your way to Embarcadero

Another one that lists on our top vegan travel destinations to visit in San Francisco is Embarcadero. You don’t need to work yourself up about breakfast. Head straight out to the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market. Many of vendors right there waiting for you at the Ferry Plaza. You get to treat yourself to an amazing Vegan breakfast. There’s coffee, vegetables, pastries, fresh lavender and many other vegan meals for a nice and healthy breakfast. You will find different fruits and items like flowers, granola, and mushrooms. There’s a lot of fresh and organic items everywhere. Right after your breakfast, visit Mandy Street Food for Okonomiyaki. Never tasted anything like that. It’s a pancake topped with kimchi, sauces, and vegetables.

Ferry Plaza


This is a travel adventure, and you have to make it great and memorable. A beautiful tourist option for you is Fisherman’s Wharf. It takes about 10-15-minutes walk to get there from the market. You should watch out for tourist scams though. You could see some random guy dressed as a monk and offering you peace at a price; another could jump out from nowhere to scare you. It’s pretty, be sure not to fall for it.

Use your mid-day to explore the Maritime National Park. It holds a very nice beach and grassy lawn as a lounge. Few minutes walk from here will take you  to Lombard street. Lombard Street should on on your list of exciting vegan travel destinations where you can jump into one of San Francisco ‘s cable cars. It’s a thrilling experience. You sure don’t want to miss out.


Take the cable car back to Chinatown. Why go to San Francisco and not catch sight of the old Chinatown. The sights in this old city are definitely worth seeing. There’s a special feeling you get when you are at Chinatown. There’s just so much to explore. There’s so much to give your attention to here. From the store windows stacked with silky robes to the smiling cats. You will see people always roaming Chinatown. One of the best things you’d like as a vegan exploring Chinatown is the different varieties of delicious vegan travel foods like vegan dim and deep fried bean cakes at Lucky Creation Vegetarian. It’s healthy and awesome. You should also try Chinatea; they make those on every one of the streets. Chinatown promises to be one of your favorite vegan travel destinations.


Get your perfect 100% organic Mexican eats at Gracias Madre in Mission for dinner. They make use of freshly sources ingredients from their local farms.


You can go a little local today. Tartine Bakery gives the most amazing coffee and tea. Fill your stomach with enough freshly baked bun to keep you bursting with energy all day long. Moving a little down from here leads you to  Bi-Rite. They have locally sourced vegan meals. Get yourself grapes, sushi, wine or anything you’d like to have. Just five minutes walk from Bi-Rite is Mission Dolores Park, get yourself Tofu Bahn Mi.

Grab a late lunch at Little Chihuahua after spending the early hours of the day exploring. Treat yourself to dinner at Loló’s. The Pablo avocado Taco is one of the best meal every vegan should have a taste of. You can also get authentic Mexican wines and fruit mixes.

Vegan lifestyle in San Francisco is totally awesome and enjoyable. San Francisco is a great vegan destination where you get to try the most amazing vegan travel foods. There are loads of vegan restaurants on every street that can turn a meat eater to a vegan. Keep exploring!

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