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When you begin thinking about vegan travel destinations and all your favorite vegan foods Eastern Europe might be the last place you think of traveling to. However, during Orthodox Lent and religious traditions, worshipers are asked to do away from animal products during lent and other religious days throughout the calendar year. So you know what vegan foods are banned: all dairy and egg products(however some still eat fish honey). Of my countries on the list of vegan travel destinations, Romania, where I experienced vegan foods in just about every restaurant was calling my name to come back during Lent. I was really waning to do a typical tour of the city, but this time I finally did the vegan Lent tour. I also traveled to Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro in search for more of my favorite vegan foods.

Pastry Heaven in Serbia

As I strolled through the streets of Nis, Serbia, it was like experiencing nothing I’ve ever seen before. The streets were jammed with fast food joints and other street meat vendors, but the bakeries that lined every corner offered an an abundance of vegan foods. On most of the pastries I noticed signs that said ‘posno’ , which translates to ‘fasting food’ in Serbian. It was advised to us to keep an eye out for ‘posno’ labeling, or yellow stickers, which are place on a lot of the baked goods, and not just during Lent, but at many times throughout the year. Out of man of my vegan travel destinations, were were surprised to find as many bakeries as we did. A lot of bakeries had many options and even different types of vegan foods. And these were absolutely some of the most amazing pastries, nothing I’ve had in London, Barcelona or New York. Out of all the vegan foods I tried one of my absolute favs was the chocolate-covered croissants and the chocolate layer cake! The mushroom-stuffed pastry was also a top favorite, and will probably make top 10 vegan travels destinations foods list. Typical Serbian restaurants, though very limited usually have a few ‘posno’ options. From the veggie vegan foods list were grilled veggies and mushrooms, ‘preban’, known as baked beans and ajvar, which means roasted red pepper dip were also delicious.

Eating Vegan Foods in Bulgaria

Next on my top vegan travel destinations is Bulgaria! And even though you won’t see too many practicing the Lent traditions, we found an abundance of vegan foods being offered in Sofia. In the amazing country of Bulgaria I highly recommend the creamy porcini and truffle tagliatelle at Soul Kitchen, a banitsa ( Bulgarian pastry) at Sun Moon Bakery, the burger at high end Edgy Veggy, or sit back and chill out at Veda Teahouse.

Vegan Pizza in Kotor, Montenegro

Montenegro, definitely placed on the top vegan travel destinations list. Located in the beautiful Bay of Kotor with amazing mountain ranges by the sea, this town is increasing its restaurants that offer vegan foods that include a variety of pizza places like Dekaderon and Ombra that have options such as vegan cheese. A few of the offered ‘posno’ bakeries had a delicious vegan foods version of the the traditional Kotor cherry strudle. By the end of our trip I was stuffed with pastries I thought I’d never think of another vegan pastry for the remaining year. That of course lasted all but 2 hours before I found vegan croissants in London. If you’re looking to get your fix of a variety of vegan foods and visit the interesting under traveled regions of the world with finding vegan foods with ease then I recommend you also put them on your top vegan travel destinations list.

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