Vegan ‘brisket’ Starts Twitter War Amongst Barbecue Fans


Not since your brother-in-law’s last cookout has a slab of brisket caused so much anger. I’m not sure the last time a slab of brisket has caused so much anger, which seems to have cause an uproar in social media.

TV writer Kevin Biegel took to Twitter last week to share his attempt at creating a vegan “brisket” from a combination of common meat alternatives like seitan, jackfruit and miso.

In doing so, he generated an outcry from BBQ lovers who refuse to ever trade their meat in for plant based grill marks.

Biegal, who’s showbiz writing credentials include show like “Scrubs” and “Cougar Town,” later said that he isn’t Vegan, but began trying different meat alternatives after experiencing heart issues over a decade ago.

“I eat [meat] in moderation. I make it for people. But I’m gonna stick with my heart doctors and the experts when it comes to my health, thanks,” Biegel added.

Biegel has seen an overwhelming number of responses from followers asking for recipes, and honoring him for the diet change, even though some commented that ingredients, mainly the BBQ sauce was a little high in sugar.

On Monday, Biegel thanked his followers for getting his back on social media and said he’d soon share the recipe for his vegan brisket, or “vrisket.”

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