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Vegan Recipes: Fruit Salads

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Ever had a fruit salad that was just absolutely horrible? I have. Watered down fruits, over-ripe strawberries, canned everything, and of course high fructose corned syrup everywhere. I think everyone has had a fruit salad like this before and we’ve thought

to never go back to the infamous fruit salad again. Fear not my friends, we’re got the best vegan recipes to help with your daily vegan nutrition diet.

First, you must understand that not just fruits need to go into the salad. For the ultimate vegan nutrition we occasionally allow fruits like strawberries or blueberries into our lettuce salads so why not add occasional vegetable into our fruit salad vegan recipes. The below fruit salad vegan recipes range from fruit salads in the morning with watermelon and tomatoes to a more desert type fruit salad with chocolate and whipped cream!

Here are 26 recipes that will make fruit salads great again!

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