Tulum Vegan Fest


Hugely popular Tulum Vegan Fest is headed back to town for it’s fourth rendition January 27th – 29th. The now three day event will be hosted by three separate venues, Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Papaya Playa Project & Holistika Tulum.


The three core themes for the festival are: Food, Yoga & Music. Each day will feature yoga and mindfulness classes; cooking classes and workshops as well as local vendors and live music. The event does an incredible job of incorporating so much more than just vegan recipes or products. With that extra day added this year, there are now even more cultural events, eco-friendly activities and a genuine, organic sense of community.


As for the core themes of Tulum Vegan Fest:


Food – There will be animal rights activists, health experts and fantastic chefs there to teach you about living a vegan lifestyle, recipes and the benefits of even just small changes to your lifestyle.


Yoga – There will be different styles of yoga taught by amazing teachers from around the world and in great venues for your yoga practice.


Music – Music helps provide good energy and excitement throughout the festival and they have a fantastic lineup to do just that.


Tulum Vegan Fest is anything but three days of preachy vegans trying to convert all of us omnivores. It actually all began with a desire to help local animal charities and rallies around that core mission. This year all proceeds will be going to one local and one national animal charity. (Animal Heroes and Sociedad Protectora De Animales Tulum)


Tickets for all three days are $500 pesos and will give you full access to all three venues and all events throughout the festival. You can find more information and purchase tickets at www.tulumveganfest.com. See you there!


*Article originally written for and can be found along with other work from Ashley at ThePlayaTimes.com.*



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