Make Fruit Salads Great Again

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Ever had a fruit salad that really sucked? I have. Watered down fruits, sour strawberries, canned pears and, or course the notorious soggy bananas. We’ve all had this kind of fruit salad before. For some of us, we’ve never gone back. Fear not, we’re hear to get you back on the fruit salad wagon with new fresh recipes that definitely don’t suck.

What we have to do is make fruit salad great again and understand that not just fruits can go into them. We occasionally allow fruits such as strawberries or blueberries into our lettuce salads, so we should also think about adding the occasional vegetables into a fruit salad for balance. The fruit salad recipes below range from breakfast fruit salads with watermelon and tomatoes to more desert type fruit salads with whipped cream, chocolate and sorbet. Lets bring back life to the fruit salads!

Here are 26 recipes that will make fruit salads great again!

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