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Here’s the thing about fruit salad: it usually sucks. Watery melon, over-ripe berries, potentially canned pineapple and, in the worst cases, gummy bananas. We have all had this fruit salad. For some of us, it has ruined fruit salad. Today, we want to heal our wounds with a few fruit salad recipes that don’t suck.

What we have to do to make fruit salad good again is relax our grip on the idea that ONLY fruit can go into them. We allow the occasional strawberry or blueberry into our arugula salads, so we should extend the same courtesy to the occasional vegetable in a fruit salad for balance’s sake. The fruit salad recipes we’ve compiled for you today run the gamut from breakfast fruit salads with yogurt or quinoa, to more main course-oriented fruit salads with cheese and ham (oh, yes we did), to dessert-like fruit salads with chocolate, whipped cream and sorbet. Let’s take back fruit salad, guys.

Here are 27 fruit salads that don’t suck.

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