Rainbow Veggie Kabobs

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~ Veggies and dip? An absolute must-have at every party and summer picnic! But these easy Rainbow Veggie Kabobs are so much more fun than a plain-old veggie tray! Just like your fave fruit kabobs … but with garden-fresh veggies! A great summer project for the kiddos, too – they’ll scarf down that farm market bounty in no time! ~

This Recipe Is:     Ready in 30 Minutes or Less    Make Ahead    Vegan (and Vegetarian)    Gluten Free  


It’s a warm, breezy summer day. You’re relaxing in the backyard with some friends, eating fruit kabobs. (Mmmmmmm … if you’re lucky, they’re some of these fruit kabobs.)

Wait! Rewind. (I bet that classic, garbled rewind noise just played in your head. And it’s playing again in your head right now!) Wanna take your kabob fun to a whole new level? Sure you do!

Well then, what’s even better than a warm, breezy summer day with friends, eating fruit kabobs in the backyard? How about a warm, breezy summer day with friends, eating some veggie kabobs in the backyard?!?! Fresh from the garden! (Or … both fruit and veggie kabobs! Imagine the antioxidant power there!)

Since we’ve already armed you with everything you need to know about making fruit kabobs, we thought we’d celebrate summer’s garden bounty with these loaded up, rainbow veggie kabobs!

All the sunshiny, rainbowy summer fun of fruit kabobs … but without the fruit! Because, you know, these are veggie kabobs!

And perfect for getting kids excited about eating more veggies because … well … rainbows can sell practically anything to a kid! And your kids’ll have fun making their own creations, choosing from lots of different garden-fresh veggies to make these up, just the way they like ’em! Trust me … I’m a kid, so I know! (Peek at the recipe card below for lots of ideas for rainbow color choices.)

If you live in places that never get that warm summer feel – like Antarctica, Greenland, or northern CANADA! (shivers slightly at the thought) – well, these kabobs may not bring out “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun,” but they’ll certainly bring out the summer spirit in anyone!

Because these aren’t just any regular veggie kabobs, they’re rainbow veggie kabobs! And if all that rainbow fabulousness isn’t giving you enough summer vibes, you can even try putting something extra-special at the end of your rainbow! Like our Edamame Hummus!

Uh-huh! Edamame Hummus at the end of a veggie kabob rainbow? Mind.Blown. Edamame Hummus is one of our absolute faves and runs circles around that same-old-same-old, store-bought dip!

Sidenote: you might wonder if you can just skip the dip and toss these veggie kabobs on the grill as a vegetarian main dish. But if you’ve read our post on making perfect grilled shish kabobs, then you know these pretty rainbows, with so many different shapes and textures, are much better eaten raw, in all their fresh glory! Plus, they’re even easier since you don’t have to fire up the grill!

Wanna make summer veggies deliciously, easily fun? Yep! We’ve gotcha covered! Now you’re really “eating a rainbow”!

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