NFL not signing Colin Kaepernick’ because vegan diet?


Why Colin Kaepernick remains without a job has been the subject of talks for just about every NFL fan during the off-season, with every day bribing more reasons as to why NFL teams are choosing to pass on picking up the free agent.

The latest reason, according to one report, it’s because he’s a part of a group of vegan athletes

Kaepernick, yes kneeled during the national anthem last season before kick-off in protest of our country’s growing racism problem. Unfortunately the quarterback isn’t the big star to was when he had a great season leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl. And even though the 49ners were 2-14 he actually played fairly decent and at least he can play as a backup QB. So what’s the deal?

NFL executives have been bashing Kaepernick’s peaceful protest behind closed doors, so it seems likely that his protest is definitely causing some noise here. But the teams and media continue to give other reasons as to why he hasn’t been signed yet. The latest news, is from NBC’s Sports Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco stating it’s because of his vegan diet.

Makes perfect sense right, which is why the Cardinals added Tyrann Mathieu to a fiver-year extension last year just 3 months after he announced he was going to be a vegan athlete.

Tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Venus Willians, arguably the top tennis players in the world are also vegan athletes. Djokovic claims he cheats with some fish here and there.

People that are on a vegan diet don’t eat meat or any product derived from animals, so their protein comes from plant based products. Experts say as long as the athletes are getting enough calories and protein from other areas than meat there shouldn’t be anything wrong with their diet.

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